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Re: Demo list for Perry
« on: February 10, 2013, 01:26:26 pm »

I'm smaller (as you know), about 185 pounds.  I demoed the 170cm Peak 84 last year and really liked it.  I bought a 177cm Peak 84 because Phil made me an offer I couldn't refuse and only had that length. I certainly didn't feel like the 170 was too short for me or that the 177 is too long.  I'm only going to use the 84 on western trips; if I were planning on using it here in the east as well I would probably have preferred the 170.  I find the ski really versatile, not demanding, and pretty quick edge to edge (not the same as a 70mm waisted ski ((or a 100mm waisted ski)).  I think you could go for the 177 with no problem.  You're taller, but not that much heavier than I am (I hope).

However, I will also say that the reviews on the Rev 85 have been so glowing that, for $50 difference, I would be real tempted to take a chance on the 85.  Same waist width, bit of early rise to ease powder skiing?  Neither choice is a mistake, $50 increment for the latest and greatest is a dilemma.
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