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Re: Demo list for Perry
« on: February 10, 2013, 08:14:23 am »
Hi Perry! Welcome back. 

I haven't tried the Rev 85, but I did ski the Peak 84 for a full day in soft spring snow last April.  I can whole-heartedly recommend it.  Some quick impressions, if this would help you...

- extremely stable at speed, so much that I had no sensation of going at Mach velocity; almost scary, they are so smooth and quiet
- easy to turn, short/med/long
- very forgiving, but a high performance ceiling (see above)
- excellent edge grip, even on morning refrozen icy corduroy and crud; edge grip is very manageable, and not of the "always on" aggressive type like some skis; easy to release and drift
- smooth and strong release out of turns; strong supple tail, but not kick-butt aggressive; just right  :)
- stable and calm in crud and broken snow; not a bulldozer like of the some mid-fat Dynastars, but certainly doesn't get overly tossed about

- at slow speeds it feels a bit numb; not light and flickable; lacks agility

Overall, I would describe it as a very smooth and stable ski, extremely versatile, high performance but easy to ski.  Perhaps not the most maneuverable, in that it's not light underfoot, but certainly predictable, easy to turn, and goes where you want it to.  OTOH, if you like an agile, light ski, then this one may not have a high fun factor for you.

I skied it in soft spring snow, as mentioned, so no chance to try it in powder.  My guess is that it would do OK in fresh snow, but maybe not stellar.  From the sidecut shape and flex pattern, it seems more frontside oriented, but I could be wrong.  Others here who own it may want to chime in on that.

I am not a good bump skier, so will withhold comment on their bump performance, except to say that they were no problem to handle, save for the occasional unwanted spank from the tails.

FWIW, I am 6'2", 220 lbs, and skied the 184 length.  If I were to buy this ski, that is the length I would choose for either eastern or western mountains.

If you want a ski with similar high speed performance (smooth, quiet, stable), but with more off-piste ability, more agile/maneuverable, and a bit lighter feel underfoot, you might take the Dynastar Outland 87 for a spin.  I demoed it for a full day a couple of months ago, and was very impressed.  Perhaps more versatile than the Head if you venture into variety of all-mtn conditions, esp. off-piste and broken snow.  Tails did not have the energy and power of the Heads, so a bit lower performance in that regard, but no slouch by any means.  I posted a review here on our forum, if you're interested.

Good luck!

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