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Re: Demo list for Perry
« on: February 09, 2013, 10:10:21 am »

We share a common dilemma about a great mid-width western ski. I'm off to Big Sky in late March and there is a hole in my quiver. Like you, I've got some minor knee issues (just old age) and, in the past, found that an 88 width ski beat up my knees trying to keep them on angles. And, I just really like getting quick edge changes that we aspiring bump skiers need. What I believe is that you have to know yourself and what you like, and, not get caught up in the hype of skis that others tout as great for them.

In the Kastle line, the MX are more hard snow carvers, the LX is more soft snow oriented. I really liked the LX82 that I demo'd last year on a soft snow day. It made me smile

You seem to question the Blizz 85 ti, from my reads of it's performance, it's something we both should try. I've also been advised to try the Blizz 80 for a soft snow ski.

The Head Rev 85 gets some fine reviews, and, for sure, that would be on my list. Gary and I saw them last weekend in Rochester for 50% off, it was tempting. I'm a Head ski fan.