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Re: Demo list for Perry
« on: February 08, 2013, 03:55:03 pm »
I think that given the fact that I am usually either on groomed or crud skiing I am going to stick with something in the 80's.  I would like a ski that I could venture into the bumps with and would help me get better there but the fact is that I am not a very good bump skier and as a result don't spend much time in them. 
Here is what I have narrowed my list to. 
Head Rev 85 and 90 184cm - maybe the Rock and Roll
MX 83 183cm
Outland 87 184cm
Blizzard Mag 8.5 181cm (Not sure whether it makes sense to spend time to demo this one)
I would love to try the Kastle Fx 84 and 94 but they don't have them to demo.  Curious Gary how you find them on groomers.