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Re: Waxing irons
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1) Drip molten wax onto bases (sparingly, not an excessive amount, but enough to cover with a thin uniform layer; practice will tell you how much to drip on); then iron in without using Fiberlene, making three complete passes up and down the ski to really get the PTEX warm and absorb the wax.

2) Do a single slow pass (20 seconds from tip to tail) with the iron with a piece of Fiberlene between iron and base; this evens out the wax, picks up dirt (a lot!), and takes up excess wax.  I use a double layer of the paper, because a single layer is too thin and I end up just ripping it.

3) Take the now-saturated piece of Fiberlene and do a brief short pass over the tip again to deposit a thin layer where the paper left the base dry.

4) Remove paper and discard; do a final pass with the iron to even out the wax (this is probably overkill, but it makes it feel like a more thorough job).

5) Let cool and brush briefly with the appropriate brush to open up some structure; the first couple of runs will take off whatever excess wax is left on there, but the brush grooves will still give decent glide.

6) Go skiing!!!

Is this what you are still doing Svend?