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Re: Waxing irons
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Byron, you should check out the thread here from a couple of years ago about "scrapeless waxing".  It describes a method that requires no scraping, and therefore minimal mess.  I use it, modified slightly, pretty much all the time now.  You can go to the Swix website for a video of how it's done.  If you want to try it, let me know, and I'll post my mods that have given me better durability / longer lasting wax job.

For a basic tuning kit, I would recommend the following:

- waxing iron
- plastic scraper (you will need this even if you do use the scrapeless method, such as to get the thick layer of summer wax off, new ski saturation waxing, etc.)
- brass brush for cleaning the bases and for brushing out hard, cold temp waxes
- nylon brush for brushing out mid and warm temp waxes
- side edge guide / file holder (adjustable or fixed angle; 2 deg. or 3 deg.)
- base edge guide / file holder (adjustable or fixed angle; 1 deg. is standard)
- fine chrome file (small one is fine)
- diamond stone
- gummi stone
- PTEX repair candles; or flat sticks if you have a repair iron - I use a dual-temp soldering iron on low setting, flat blade great
- steel scraper for cleaning up base repairs (I would never use a steel scraper for wax removal, for risk of damaging the bases)
- Swix Fiberlene paper or other thin absorbent paper for doing the scrapeless wax
- vise

You can find complete kits on sale at some online outlet stores like Steep and Cheap, Backcountry Outlet, etc..  Some of the items you can buy as you need them (repair sticks, steel scraper, etc.), but the basic sharpening and waxing tools you should get all at once.

I like Mike's idea of the boot sole blank.  Clever.  I'll have to see about making some.  And heed his advice about standing clear when popping the heel piece.  ;D  My nose is a big target  ;D

Hope this helps...