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Re: Waxing irons
« on: February 09, 2013, 09:13:40 pm »
Understood Jim.....Thx Folks for the info....
LP interesting idea for securing the ski by snapping a wooden clone into the binding. Quite ingenious actually...I like!
Most of the manufacturer sponsered vids I have watched recommend a couple of brushes, a bronze and synthetic or horsehair. Do you utilize brush(es) or a brush combo?
The more vids and info I review, the more I see a roll of butcher paper or base well for whatever vise design I end up with is in my future. Not allergic to wax and while my workbench isnt the picture of organization, waxin be messy...
At any rate, as I set about fashioning a "ski holder upper" from the stuff I have on hand, I will also start looking at some basic tuning kits as outlined.
Again, thx for the info....Cheers
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