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Re: Waxing irons
« on: February 08, 2013, 11:44:33 pm »
Thx LP...
I thought I would start with saving some travel time and a few bucks by maintaining bases with keeping a good wax on.....I don't ski the hard blue ice like some of our members out east do which by nature I guess would require much more base and edge maintenance. However, if the difference is a few bucks to include a good edging tool, I would take a crack at that too.
I considered picking up an old iron from a second hand store but wasnt sure if it would be temperature appropriate for todays waxes (although I still see a fair amount of DIY vids produced using a standard old school iron) so maybe that would be the ticket.
Can one get ahold of the different brushes and synthetic material to wipe the skis down at the local home improvement store or would they need to be ordered?
Ironcially, it seems one of the larger start up expenses is an actual ski vise. Plans right now to use my regular vise,  make a couple of bench supports with some padding to protect topsheets and use some wood or rubber material for the vise jaws to hold the ski. Probably won't be near as handy but hopefully will work.