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Re: Waxing irons
« on: February 08, 2013, 02:23:50 am »
Hey Guys,
Interesting dialogue regarding waxing irons. As I am sure you all have experienced a variety of equipment throughout the years, probably some good, some bad, can I get some recommendations for a good starter "kit"? Basic necessities, iron, brushes, wax etc. Not sure whether it would be best or necessary for that matter to "piece mill" the equipment or if there is an actual "kit"? 
I don't have an expansive quiver to maintain and don't get to slope 50 days a year but would be looking for something that will do the job effectively with a decent life expectancy. Wouldn't have to be fancy or WC certified.
I have been perusing this site for information as I have heard tognar makes decent irons and equipment.
Your recommendations appreciated.
ps; As I perused further I did find this partial "kit". Is this something worth exploring?
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