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Re: Atomic Redster Boots
« on: January 03, 2013, 08:14:23 pm »
I've heard the Redster is a soft boot, as well.  Atomic used to have a plug that was labeled 150 and was probably more like a 160 or 170, if I remember right.  There's definitely variation--I've never intended to suggest otherwise.  What I was trying to communicate in the other thread was that, while there's variation, the system isn't completely worthless and, if a full-grown adult can't bend a 100 flex boot in the store, there's likely a geometry problem.  We could argue all day about whether a 911 is faster than a Corvette, but a Prius is slow by anybody's standard.  :D

It's always easier to make a boot softer, so I'd lean toward buying stiff and trying it out first, especially if you lean towards the PMTS thinking on boots..