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Re: Atomic Redster Boots
« on: January 17, 2013, 02:13:45 pm »
After 6 days of rain, I finally got to ski the Atomic 130 Redster Pro Boots, 98 mm last. I was able to adjust the Freeflex plus rear binding to take up the extra 10mm of bootsole length, on my Hart Pulse skis, so the net effect is to move the boot a little more forward. Snow was soft and wet, temps remained in the mid to upper 30's, creating many piles of loose granular snow, which is not a personal favorite to ski in.

First thoughts:
The fit just happens to be great right out of the box. The liner is very comfortable to ski in ( with my existing custom footbeds - I forget the make ). I can easily ski this boot all day. Warmth was no problem, but, temps were mild. There is great symmetry between the 98 last and my thin foot. I was concerned that one foot was touching the boot front, but, that was not a issue at all and I  could just move the toes. I'm feeling very lucky to be in a boot that a great match for my foot.
The 130 flex is nice and progressive. Not a stiff boot feel at all, with my old Nordica's I felt I hit a wall when I got real forward. Make no mistake, it is firm flex that gives me the support I want and need. When skiing into piles of crud, maybe I wish the boot flexed a little more to help absorb.The boot reacts to tipping movements very nicely. It feels the snow better, and, my senses tell me the ball of foot is closer to the snow, and, perhaps more in a down position that my old boots. I started with very loose buckle settings and loose booster strap, I adjusted during the day, and everything was a little loose as I took them off, so, as time goes on, I'll tighten up more. No issues, just breaking in new boots.

On snow, they get better angles than my old boots and feel like they just want to carve. Very easy to  make the transition from the old boots and I was charging by the end of the first run. Good fore aft balance point is a little more forward in the boot. If I did not pay attention, I would get aft and my thighs went into rebellion.

Great first day, can't wait to ski them on harder snow and with some better light to see what they will do. Returning to home bump tomorrow for "Demo Day". Stay tuned for some further reviews.

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