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Re: Atomic Redster Boots
« on: January 11, 2013, 06:55:20 pm »
Hi all, and, glad to tell that I'm just sitting here on a Friday night, and, wearing my new Redsters  130 flex. One mistake is never, never try to put this boot on cold. Minor panic when I first attempted to put them on, no flexing whatever and it just never got done. An hour later, they warmed up and went on fine. Bought via Epic from a Toronto skier who skied for one hour, but, his feet were too small for this size. They are pristine!

The fit appears fine "out of the box". Compared to my old Nordica's, the Nordia's were a battleship, the Redsters are a destroyer, much less overall volume. I need to adjust my bindings for 10 mm less length, now I won't get as much heat for stating my boots are a 335. 325 is just so much lower.

Thanks to Svend for his many PM's assuring me that shipping from Canada to US would not be an issue, and, it was not as they were shipped on Tuesday and arrived 4 days later.

I am one happy camper! Now, if this January Thaw, 60 tomorrow, will just leave, we can get back to the business of skiing.

Watch out Helluva, I'm coming for you at Hollymont! (Yeah, right  ;D )
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