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Re: Atomic Redster Boots
« on: January 04, 2013, 05:23:46 pm »

I totally agree with your thinking, which is based in HH's PMTS doctrinie , which translates that stiffer boots are better for tipping movements. OK, maybe it's not your independent research, but, that of someone who knows a "helluvalot" (a tip of the hat to  Greg) than all of us. I ski without trying to push the plastic, that is to say, just stay with the boot front in contact with the ski.

Having said the above, what excites me about the Redster is the great match between my foot and it's shape. Also, the cuff adjustments (at least in the advertising) permit changes that negate the need for boot sole planning. How one determines the exact need for planning specs is a subject for a whole different thread. Waterville is only an 8 hour drive, so, I'm not likely to get a HH trained analysis.

Thanks for your thinking!