Author Topic: Re: New Approach to Binding Mount position; split from Stockli Laser SX review.  (Read 1993 times)


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High Angles -- just wanted to let you know that I checked one pair of skis here for the existing mounting point and how they measured up according to your method of narrowest sidecut point.  They were one of my wife's skis -- women's im78's -- and her sweet spot on this ski falls about 1 cm forward of the narrowest point in the sidecut.  This is about 1.5 cm ahead of the factory mark.  She originally skied these for a few days at factory mark, then moved fwd. from there one set of holes in the Tyrolia plate.

I must say that trying to actually find the narrowest point in the sidecut was a pain in the rear.  No digital caliper here -- just a sliding micrometer.  There was a zone of about 5 to 8 cm where it seemed to measure the same, and every time I moved the tool back and forth to find the end points, it seemed to end up at a different spot.  Holding it absolutely square was the problem.  I haven't done any more skis, because I am not confident I can find the right mark bang-on.

Any hints? Any further work on this at your end?