Author Topic: Re: New Approach to Binding Mount position; split from Stockli Laser SX review.  (Read 1992 times)


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No direct experience with the TT 80, but a more general comment. With Head skis with any of the Railflex bindings I am always 10-15 mm forward of the factory mark.  However, I found on a pair of Head i.SL Chips with the carve plate that, even though BOF/CRS measured similarly, I didn't like the bindings forward as much.  I assumed that the carve plate was doing a better job of pressure distribution than the more flexible Railflex setup?
I am surprised that the narrowest part of the ski is that far forward.

I think Todd (and maybe Dan) have TT 80's as well.  Will be interesting to hear where they have them mounted. 
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