Author Topic: Re: New Approach to Binding Mount position; split from Stockli Laser SX review.  (Read 1992 times)


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I agree with Svend on his observations for bindings mounted too far back.  For bindings mounted too far forward I would like to add that I feel like the front end of the ski is "overloaded" - it's very difficult to get it to disengage and as Svend noted, the tails easily wash out.  I accidentally did a too far forward mount on a pair of old K2 Enemy skis many years ago and it wasn't a pleasant experience, but what it did show me is that a ski that had absolutely no edge hold to speak of suddenly felt like a scalpel - maybe just a tad too sharp though. ;)

Good observation -- I recently tried moving the bindings forward on my Progressor 9's (to 1.5 cm from factory mark), and by doing so lost all that wonderful Fischer edge grip.  Like skidding sideways on a sheet of Teflon.  Terrible sensation. 
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