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I don't think the comments on women's skis are entirely fair.  In some cases, yes, there are some manufacturers who make lightweight intermediate level skis, put on a prissy topsheet and market them to women.  But then there are unisex skis of similar performance in their line as well.  In the past 5 years most have been making serious skis for good female skiers.  If you've ever picked up and flexed a Volkl Aura or Kenja, you'd know what I mean. Those are serious, stiff, high performance boards that most men would be challenged on.  Ditto skis by Nordica, Dynastar, Fischer, Elan....  In fact, almost the entire Dynastar women's line has long been of excellent quality, with only the minority of models being of intermediate level.  Not sure about Head these days - I haven't checked out their new Mya line (although the just the name is kind of girlie), but formerly they had some real powerhouse women's skis that were the equivalent of the top range unisex versions -- Power One = Supershape Speed; Wild One = iM82; Great One = get the picture...  To imply that they condescend women's athleticism and skiing ability doesn't seem to be accurate at all -- in fact I think the opposite is true, and there is a wealth of choice for skilled female skiers.  And if there is nothing that suits, then a woman has the entire range of unisex skis to choose from.

HA - your comments on ski flex pattern I think are quite valid.  I thought of saying it yesterday, but didn't want to over-complicate the discussion here. 

All-in-all, you're undertaking a very interesting experiment.  I'd be happy to volunteer to be a lab rat, or at least offer up our family quiver (8 pair) for the sake of scientific advancement of a worthy cause.  Need data? Just send a digital caliper calibrated to NIST standards and I'm your man.   8)  Seriously, I'd be happy to forward you some numbers.  Let me know...send a PM if interested.  BTW, most of the pairs in this household are skied by females, if that would help balance out your dataset. 

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