Author Topic: Re: New Approach to Binding Mount position; split from Stockli Laser SX review.  (Read 1992 times)


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HA, really great info and thoughts on the subject.

Interesting theory on women's skis too.

I wonder if the combo of the mounting point and demo bindings results in the foot pain
I experience when I demo most skis.

Bottom of my foot begins to scream after a run or two.
I demo'ed some ?blossoms? with vist bindings 2 years ago at the North East PMTS meet up and
was in near agony. Had to get them off.
Not an isolated experience.

Your thoughts on women ski production sounds like an idea whose time has come.
Some savvy entrepreneur should take up that as their marketing strategy!
Women skis made for real women skiers; not just another pretty ski.

Jim has some bindings to check out this weekend ;)
"Play it Sam"