Author Topic: Re: New Approach to Binding Mount position; split from Stockli Laser SX review.  (Read 1992 times)


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Re: Re: Stockli Laser SX Review
« on: January 01, 2013, 09:35:56 am »
Great review - thanks John.  I have read a number of reviews in the European German-language media about the Laser SX, and they all rave about this ski.  Your comments re. binding mounting point seem to similar to my experience on the Stormriders that I tried last season.  I had to get waaay forward over the shovels to make that ski work, and the bindings were clearly mounted too far back.  Interestingly, the shop mounted them at the BoF/CRS mark.

HA - you make a distinction between BoF/CRS and BoF/effective edge.  What's the difference? I have never heard of a reference to effective edge.  Furthermore, how are you determining the narrowest point in the sidecut? Seems to me that there might be a significant portion (couple of centimeters at least) of the ski that would measure almost the same dimension using an ordinary ruler, at least with my middle-aged eyes squinting at the little marks.  Do you use a micrometer?