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Stockli Laser SX Review
« on: December 31, 2012, 05:10:58 pm »
I had a group of guys out visiting me last year. They enjoyed their stay so much that they wanted to get me a present and even though I have close to 30 pairs of skis on a rack in my garage, they decided to get me a pair of Stockli Laser SX skis. I only took them out briefly last year (took me a while to decide on which binding and by the time I chose them and had them mounted the season was almost over). From the small amount of time I was on them last year I was not really wowed by them (probably why I didn't ski them more). The more I read on Stockli's (HA's comments helped here a lot as well) it was sounding more and more like the mount line on Stockli's is always too far back. Two days ago I adjusted my bindings so that the mid point of my boot was about 2cm in front of the line. When I put the skis up next to my Head SS's they were mounted in the same spot. I have now been skiing them the past two days.

Wow, these skis rock!! I am skiing the 170cm length with a 15m TR. This ski has edge hold that I have never felt on anything but a stockli and even for stockli's this edge hold is unreal. You really don't know what this kind of grip will do for your skiing until you feel it. My confidence just soared and I was carving tight arcs in steep places generally where i might not attempt high speed edge lock carving. Places where I normally would see my arcs widen because of the pitch and snow quality, I am able to keep tight arcs the whole way down.

The rebound is unreal as well. In tight slalom turns I am popping off the snow 6-8 inches on each release and the snap in the arcs is just unreal (combo of both the massive edge hold and natural rebound of the ski).

I took it into some tourist bumps today and the ski is fine in them as long as you don't get back on the tails. It is lightning quick edge to edge so this help in the bumps. Tails are stiff and that doesn't always help in the bumps.

In general it is high power carving machine, and probably not for the masses. For those that can both create the rebound out of the ski and have the proper fore aft balance dialed so that they can handle the massive rebound, I am not sure there is a more fun ski to be on (again for power carving).

This is a race car. Almost like having a toy. It's a lot of fun. 


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Re: Stockli Laser SX Review
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2013, 05:13:27 pm »
Those are some pretty strong words!  You must have some RD skis in your collection.  How would you compare the edge-hold of the Laser SX to those?  As an eastern skier, this is a quality I pay quite a bit of attention to..  :D


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Re: Stockli Laser SX Review
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2013, 08:41:21 pm »
Stockli's line-up has skis of varying construction layups just like other manufacturers.  Not every ski in their line has the unflappable edge hold of their Laser series racing skis. 

Stockli's Laser series and many of the Stormrider series have an incredible on snow feel that I have come to prefer.  They are smooth and damp without being lifeless, with phenomenal edge grip and top notch durability.  I recommend that anyone who has an opportunity to demo a pair should definitely do it.