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« on: December 30, 2012, 11:10:37 am »
We all find that there are certain givens that bring a huge smile to our faces....the perfect burrito, fresh pow, the right skis for those narly conditions, turns with great friends...

I must admit I've found one that has been lurking beneath my's humidity...for the first time in my skiing history, humidity matters....Now you western skiers where the air is thin and the pow is dry, you may never need to have humidity on your radar but if you come east of the Great Mississippi, tickle the keyboard and pull up the humidity factors.

My recent outings have been in interesting conditions. Heavy wet snow, 25 deg temp and 89% humidity...but today, 3-5" fresh, 23 deg temp and 68% humidity. You know the song "What a difference a day makes"?  Well let me tell ya,....IT"S FREAKN" HUGE" in these here parts. From wet cement jerk your knees out of their sockets to I'm in heaven.

Don't know if any of you look at humidity before you head out to ski and if you already know this...."dork brain....why didn't you share"? OK....I'm not really upset cause it probably wouldn't have stopped me from heading to the mountain....I MAY have picked a different pair of skis...yes....that's the ticket...have more skis aimed at the sliding range of humidity levels....I'm gonna make myself nuts... :-\, well...even more so.

Yes, I share this bit of wisdom with we eastern skiers that need another reason to think about this "deciding" factor BEFORE we go skiing.

Yup it's humidity...and's all realative....hee heee.... :'(  and yes....we had a great day on the mountain today...hope many did!
Best, G
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