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How do you "Haul"


One of the peripheral expenses and logistical considerations I found since getting back into skiing is the hauling aspect. I drive a mid size crossover and didnt want to hug my skis on longer drives. I wanted some additional hauling capability for my my kids to stash snowboards and such when they can get away from work, so I purchased a rooftop carrier box.
I bought the Thule rapidcross base racks and aeroblade crossbars along with a less expensive cargo box by Aero. (Hope it is up to the task) I have heard that some of the cheaper boxes are not as sturdy.
I am still waiting for the base racks and crossbars to come in before I can get on the road. Anyone have any experience with these's and don'ts....??

My skis just ride in the back of my Outback, but I've had friends lose stuff out of boxes that popped open on the highway.  From their experiences:


Triple-check that all the latches are latched, and locks are locked
Inquire about any warranty that might cover your gear if a box opens on the highway


Overstuff the box
Buy Yakima boxes

Good luck!

Thx....Dan....I didn't buy a yakima box but I did buy Thule base racks and crossbars. As for the latch...I will take a look at the sturdiness and if at all conerning...I have a handy dandy drill, rivet tool and a few different size clasps for added security... ;D


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