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Re: Head Rock N Roll
« Reply #15 on: February 06, 2013, 05:03:01 am »
I don't rate the Crusades very highly for new deep snow.  Where they excel is as a crud buster for chopped up snow that has begun to set up. 

Unfortunately that's the very kind of snow I get to ski most often here in Europe. I never seem to be in a resort when there's a big dump of fresh powder! My experience is that the Crusade makes a lot more of the area skiable, in an enjoyable way, than anything else I've tried. I was amazed by the Scott Ventures I tried last week, though - you should give them a go, if you like the Neo and the Crusade.

One thing people talk about with wider skis like this, with pretty pronounced sidecut, is 'hookiness'. It's not something I've experienced myself with them, though. Have you? I wonder whether that Venturi tip is actually doing something other than providing marketing language...