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Re: Boot Questions/Heel Lift??
« Reply #15 on: December 29, 2012, 01:30:23 am »
I am Az Dan outside of phoenix. I went back and looked at some dialogue I had with a professional bootfitter in Salt Lake via email the end of last season. I explained the issue and asked if they could tighten up the heel for me and address the flex issue.....His response was "we can do all that and more, however, the first step is making sure the boot geometry is right for you". 
Corroborating the point, I ran across a paper written by a fitter to other bootfitters and he spoke to "starting out with the right boot geometry", (paraphrasing) otherwise, the angles and design intent of the boot is made largely moot because it doesn't fit the skeletal nomenclature of the wearer.
Thus Dan, I think your point could be right on in that the angles, rather than the "raw flex" may be the issue. 
Interesting you used the "cam angle" anology. In a previous post I set about desribing my shin "feeling" like the apex of an inverted camshaft lobe, my back and mid torso the larger mass of the lobe, each time I flex at the knee and press, the apex engages the tongue and moves me into the back seat. The feeling being reciprocol in nature when skiing. Ultimately, I omitted that part of the pior post to save space.

Thx guys....I have a ton of excellent information here and chomping at the bit to get somewhere where I can do the field tests and more importantly get with a good bootfitter. I am sure I can get it worked out, even if I have to start over....I am inclined to think if the boots take a "ton" of work to "morph" them into something that works, it might be time to ebay'em and start fresh.
Just fyi....the paper I was reading...not sure how current it is...but I found it very interesting in terms of alignment, fit, etc. Have to admit....quite alot of it was over my head. Link at bottom of each page takes you to the next.
Thanks guys.
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