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Re: Boot Questions/Heel Lift??
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Don't try this at home:  If your boots are still too stiff even after removing the spine bolts, a good bootfitter can cut away some material from the inner cuff area to soften the flex.  Some boots even have scribed lines to indicate where to cut, meaning that the boot manufacturer is on-side with this mod.  You can get a peek at yours and see if they have these by pulling away the front flaps of the upper cuff and looking at the side areas of the shell beneath,  You will be looking for some U-shaped scribed or marked areas originating at the top edges of the inner cuff at the sides of where your lower leg would be.  If this is cut away (carefully) on both sides of the boot, then it will soften the flex considerably.  This surgery is irreversible, so be sure about this before committing yourself.

Good luck with all the tweaks and tests, and let us know how it goes.  As Gary said, it took me the better part of last season to get my Tecnicas dialed in, and now I am finally there and happy.

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