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Re: Boot Questions/Heel Lift??
« Reply #15 on: December 27, 2012, 10:15:48 pm »
I wished I had initially went to a qualified boot fitter (none avail in my area) rather than a box store. Although I did spend quality time and tried on about 12-15 pairs of boots over a three day period, the absence of an experienced fitter and extra wise eyes has proven challenging and perhaps costly. 20/20 hugh?
Ironically, during my search, I tried on that Salomon x3 130 because my foot was swimming in everything else. It fit like a glove...AND....meta l mold... :) I have disconnected the backbone of my boot which is supposed to make it marginally more flexible but it does not make too much difference. I noticed last yr on HH site he was fitting lighter adult men and some women with the Head Raptor 90 for performance fit w/out being overly stiff. Something like that I think is perhaps where I need to be.
In a few days I will be trying the on hill tests/exercises suggested in terms of leaving upper loose, shimming, etc. to get a comparison/contrast and better line on what is happening and a way to articulate something quantifiable/useable to an experienced fitter.
Hopefully he can adjust my boots because in terms of  fit, overall support, warmth, end of day comfort, etc. they are stellar. If I can just get to point where they aren't working against me. Not withstanding operator error, if adjustments can't be made....well....we start over...."reboot" perhaps... :-\
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