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Re: Boot Questions/Heel Lift??
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Thanks guys for taking the time and giving of your experience and insight to help. I am gleaning a ton of relevent information here.  My thoughts as they pertain to some of the dialogue;
Dan- Other than skiing last year....I tried a number of tests for stance and flex. Back of boot elevated .5", skis on/off, flat and on slight incline. Each test done with a lateral and front on view in a mirror I use to practice my stance, swingplane, stack, etc for golf.  With the boots buckled normally, at room tempurature, using both legs together, it is impossible for me to flex the boots forward noticbly regardless of the "angle of attack" or how I position my hips in relation to my knees. While in my bindings, with one leg, driving nearly as hard as I can, I can flex one boot at room temp maybe 2 to 3 cm.
I've found for me that if I can't move my center forward stacked, then the butt pops out or the effort of trying to pressure the shovels with a boot that's too stiff keeps me from getting to   position that allows a center stacked body to apply enough energy to the shovels to get solid response. 

Epic....Gary's description above reflects exactly what it feels like..(unable to apply enough leverage to get there or in wrong position from the git go to obtain a good stance) Everytime I "press" forward to engage my tips or initiate turns, either the angle at which my shin is contacting the tongue, or some other factor is causing a distinct feeling of weight shift or "bouncing off",  redirecting my balance and weight rearward to my glutes and heels. In fact, when skiing, it almost feels recriprocal. In otherwords, press>backseat>recover  >press >backseat>recover and so on. Not sure if that makes any sense...but that is the feeling. Granted, could be technique entirely, but I'm not so sure that accounts for 100%.
Jim - I did some posting last year about these feelings after skiing these boots, although I probably articulated it poorly. Spoke to some members, Svend, etc about the backseat feeling, tip control/wild tips, etc. and the notion of binding placement, a point also raised by Gary as a potential factor. I ski blizzard mag 76 and volkl kendo. Only the kendo's have fore aft ajustment capability at this time. While the slant board drills brought the issue back to forefront, my op was really more of a culmination to include last years skiing. That said, I only have about six or seven outings in these boots, which acounts for 80% of my outings since my return to skiing, and I did think they would soften some. To your point, definate need for more on snow eval and some good instruction.
Svend and Dan, in addition to Gary's suggestion, another good idea for field test in terms of shimming. Certainly the price is right on these tests and potential for more garnered info good. 
Again, thanks for the excellent feedback.
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