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Re: Boot Questions/Heel Lift??
« on: December 26, 2012, 08:17:41 pm »
The idea behind the test if you are stacked correctly in a neutural stance, I've found for me that if I can't move my center forward stacked, then the butt pops out or the effort of trying to pressure the shovels with a boot that's too stiff keeps me from getting to   position that allows a center stacked body to apply enough energy to the shovels to get solid response.

The exercise of undoing or loosening the upper buckle allows the skier to stay stacked and move their body stacked fore enough to provide enough energy to the shovels.

Dan.....100 flex for one boot could be totally different for another. Byonm is a light man and flex patterns so vary boot to boot. I've found it's not about the number it's about the results.

Ideally, the least amount of fore aft movement in my book is ideal as long as the desired results (control tip to tail) can be achieved.

Guys, I do see you point..there are other factors that may be at play....This conversation makes me think of another possiblity....Byonm, not sure where you binding is is possible the binding may be mounted to far back. There are skis like Head and Kastle that I typically have to mount the bindings 1-2 cen forward from center. But that's just me. To the point I now only use bindings that I can move the bindings to accomodate my preferred mounting point. The results for me of a ski mounted to far back is I just feel like I'm in the back seat all the time not being able to work the ski tip to tail equally.

My personal focus is to set myself up so I'm stacked vertically and balanced, working the ski tip to tail evenly requiring the least amount of fore/aft pressure. To achieve this it's been a combo of correct boot flex and binding mounting location.

Interesting stuff guys...g