Author Topic: Boot Questions/Heel Lift??  (Read 2095 times)


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Re: Boot Questions/Heel Lift??
« on: December 25, 2012, 11:31:31 pm »
Gary-If your boots are too stiff, when you pressure them, the flex motion kicks you back onto your other words, you can't hold the pressured upper cuff forward enough to keep the energy generated to the front shovels.

While I think Gary hit the nail on the head there....all advice duly noted....I can already tell that my unrelenting urge to engage in backyard mechanicin is exceeding the purview of my knowledge at this point. While I own and can use a mic, my delta angle is likely to turn into the bermuda tri-angle without some professional intervention... ???
Reasonable and sound advice fella's...I skied em last year sans fatality and my memory is shorter than my...well...I lost the post-a-note that was attached to my head at the end of last season. It had the notes about my skiing wishes and woes. Under further review, skier has decided to take a few runs...refresh the memory and potential for tweeks and changes....then get some professional help as required.
Thereby avoiding a scenario reminiscent of the guy who tried to sell me a car.  "Everything works like a champ, I just charged the AC so its cold, hold the steering column here with this hand and turn the key to start it, if a fuse blows, there's some in glovebox, other than that she's all good" know him, the guy that's always broke down on the side of the road.
I like my skinny legs and unique snout too much to be THAT guy.. Peter had referred me to the fella at Sport Loft in SL...I think perhaps the guy you mentioned Jim...I have to find the post a note.. :D