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Re: Boot Questions/Heel Lift??
« on: December 25, 2012, 06:01:49 am »
B...a thing i do with new boots besides struggle at least 1 ski season, is when in my boots clicked into my skis, poles in hands, in my ski stance, knees relaxed...whew..I like to feel as if I'm centered right over the arches of my feet. This feeling allows my pressure on the front and the rear of the cuff to feel equal. Meaning, I'm not leaning against the cuff in this stance or feeling pressure on the back of my calf.

If you already feel like you're in this position, there might be another issue.

I find that I need to be able to provide just enough force forward (moving my center mass) to charge the shovels for turn shape. Also, moving fore and aft equally allows me to use the entire ski tip to tail.

If your boots are too stiff, when you pressure them, the flex motion kicks you back onto your other words, you can't hold the pressured upper cuff forward enough to keep the energy generated to the front shovels.

Given your svelt 139 might consider softening the boot flex. As there is no standard in how manufacturers establish their boot flex, "pay no attention to that man behind the curtain"...finding that right flex patten for me at critical. Me at 150 lbs is in a pair of "highly"modified Lange RX Pro 130. I had to soften them up significantly to give me the right flex. A wee bit at a time but I got er done and they're are spot on for me.

Hope this helps, Best, G
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