Author Topic: CW-X Stabilyzers/EuroCompression Socks  (Read 406 times)


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Re: CW-X Stabilyzers/EuroCompression Socks
« on: December 24, 2012, 01:49:47 pm »
LP...I ordered the 3/4 also to keep the junk out of my ski boot. I don't know how they will compare to UA cold gear in terms of warmth, I would assume similar. If warmer, I may have to switch to a shell pant on warmer days...My legs and body have never gotten cold using the UA cold gear with my insulated ski pant. In terms of support, every little bit helps, I get tired near the end of the day or when the snow is heavy and pushing me around. The new tights are just temporary, I'm waiting for them to come out with that G.I. Joe suit that will  allow me jump tall buildings and such, next month or so I hear.... ;D
Lynn...thx...good info. There were a number of other brands that were more expensive but seemed to be essentially the same....I wear an 8.5 and would want them to fit like an 8. Medium says 7-9 so hopefully being at the upper end of the sizing sprectrum....they will fit snug. Any idea what they might be in terms of support rating in mmHg? I couldn't find any data on them but I hope they are somewhere around 18-20 as I have had good luck with the regular medical compression  socks in that range.