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Re: Head Rock'n Roll Sizing
« on: December 04, 2012, 08:40:41 pm »
Thanks, Liam!

I doubt I'll spend enough time traveling to make a wide-open-spaces ski worthwhile for me, so it sounds like the 180 is the better idea.

Here's the info on the plates:

The idea is that you mount the plate to your skis, then can swap bindings at will.  He's got versions that'll let you mount Dynafit&Look, Dynafit&Salomon, or Dynafit&Duke.  The inserts would be lighter, but I figure my odds are better of screwing those up, and I don't think I'll mind a touch of lift on a wider ski that could see some firmer surfaces as stuff gets scraped off or while traveling.

I like to buy well behind the technology curve on skis, because everything is cheaper and other people get to figure out what works and doesn't.  I'm not ready to commit to a dedicated 100+ powder ski yet, both because I don't ski that much powder and because what I do ski has been working fine with my 78mm Monsters.  I think if I was planning on spending a lot of time noodling through the trees, I'd want something wider but, for the speeds I like to ski, I get plenty of float with the 78's, so a 95 should feel positively luxurious.  :D