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Re: My new wheelset
« on: June 22, 2013, 08:47:37 am »
Hi All

Just a quick update on the Neuvation wheelset that Jim gifted to me late last year. They did not get put to use until this spring, and, even further delayed due to my local (summer) bike shop was closed due to flooding associated with Superstorm Sandy. I've a few hundred miles on them, and, they ride great. Jim stated his belief that he could ride faster on them than his previous wheelset, and, I concur that they are faster than my Mavic's. I can't document the speed increase as my bike skills and strength did deteriorate over the winter ( due to being waylaid by skiing and weather ), but,  I believe I can ride at least 1 mph faster. First impressions are always a "snapshot", so, time will tell....and it's the ultimate test.

I've written that my old wheelset was subject to rusting, stainless steel spokes. Well, the damp moist Atlantic air also claimed my front derailuer over the winter as it was corroded. I had the LBS do full maintenance on the other gear of my bike to avoid a similar fate.

Again, thanks Jim for the wheelset!