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Re: My new wheelset
« on: December 03, 2012, 01:50:17 pm »
Hey Jim, thanks for posting that.  Very interesting and thought-provoking.  I had convinced myself that my Fisher 29er needs new, stiffer wheels because the spoke count on the stock wheels was low (28), and they weren't laced 3-cross.  The Neuvation article directly contradicts what I have read about wheel stiffness in relation to spoke count; all sources (in the context of mtn. bikes) were citing 32 spoke, 3-cross wheels with solid rims as being de-rigeur for heavier riders like me.  I can only assume that Neuvation's comments apply only to road bike wheels, and that the torgue and impacts that a mtn. bike wheel is subjected to dictate a much different set of criteria for wheel build, and spoke count specifically. 


I would not infer anything about Mountain bike wheels from the Neuvation write up of their spoke count on road wheels. The road wheels are radial spokes which means no crossing of spokes. Two very different design criteria, I would think, but I'm a noob with respect to mountain bike hardware.