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Re: OutDry Gloves
« on: November 14, 2012, 07:12:39 pm »
I hope they work out well for you, Todd!  I'm curious what membrane and seam tape they use in them.  Making a glove that'll stay dry and breathable is pretty tough.  It's hard enough to get tapes that won't peel and membranes that won't delaminate for use in garments.  The life of a glove sounds like hell for that type of thing.

My rain glove experiment this year will be my pair of these:

They're warm, grippy, waterproof, and durable.  I've got a couple seasons of cold-weather kayaking out of mine so far, and they're still awesome.  Glued & stitched means they'll stay wet inside for weeks if you forget to turn them inside-out to dry..  ;D

I figure if they keep my hands warm when immersed in snowmelt in March, they'll probably be okay with a bit of rain.