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Re: OutDry Gloves
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MIKE:   :o   What kind of a Valentine's Day gift would that be.  For Christmas, yeah!  But for Valentine's Day, ski gloves would be an awfully "cold" gift (pun certainly intended).
I certainly view the electronics as frosting.  The real attraction was the OutDry fabric and the price markdown.  The silvery dotted OmniHeat liner was the next "feature".  Keep the hand heat in, keep the wind out. 
We did have a couple of days recently at less than 10 degrees with 20 mph winds blowing in our faces going up the lift when my hands cooled of a bit -- I would have turned the heat on for the lift ride up -- then off at the top.
I don't want the gloves to feel warm, just not cold.  It's a subtle place in the middle, but like you said, if your hands feel warm then they are probably going to sweat a little bit.  Will be fun to see how they work.
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