Author Topic: Sandy dumps "White Lightning" in the Highlands of West by god Virginia.  (Read 454 times)


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Well about 10 maggots just drove 13 hours south from as far as way from Cambridge, Vermont to ski snow left by a hurricane in West Virginia. Nature can be **** bizarre!! 

the music for the TR

Vermont Plates in West Virginia

The snow was super dense wind affected and there was tons of it! There was not a single place that I stuck my pole that was less than 2 feet deep. The Majority of places were at least 36 inches deep with some lee sides easily in the 48 inchish range. IE my pole was stuck totally past my grip.

this is at the Base of Whitegrass touring center, and honestly one of the less deep places I found...

Day 1 took us to Whitegrass Touring Center. Which I was honestly like why are we here? knowing that Timberline had MUCH better pitch. Decided to go with the Flow and ski Whitegrass with the crew. We skied some fun albeit low angle open slopes, tree and meadow at Whitegrass. Never has meadow skipping been taken so literally.

Whitegrass running on donation only today.

Crank54 and Dowork on the ski out of Whitegrass Touring center.

ThinCover meadow skipping

Crank54 is the same Meadow

ML242 in the Ghost Forest at Whitegrass Touring center

a stoked maggot and local crew after a day of skiing Whitegrass.

after some moonshine and beer we headed to out cabin for the night.

10 dollars a night with dinner and breakfast. Only Catch? no power..

check out the snow drifts

best use of a ceiling fan ever

a happy group of Mags on top of Timberline

Thincover on our first run at Timberline

Crank54 getting his first run with actual pitch

back up again guys?

Beautiful Canaan Valley

Dowork is happy about the Glades at Timberline

Crank makes it look deep

Thincover skiing anything but in the woods at TLine

Thincover has alot more pictures I am sure of it. My guess though is he exhausted from driving back to Vermont at 1pm yesterday. Overall a great trip totally worth it for sure. The snow is probably still good there. Go get some!


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My hat's off to them....truly, the "spirit" moved them!

Best, G


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I've always admired Josh's "get it done" attitude when it comes to making turns when the rest of us are just dreaming about skiing. I remember several years ago when he was in Utah and would start and end the season with climbing for turns. Stowe to W.V. has to be about 750 miles. Hopefully, he can post some pics of himself just smearing them turns. ;)


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some highlights from Thincovers pictures

Front side tree at Whitegrass skier is Andy


me in a open Meadow, Like I said meadow skipping has never been taken so literally

Me at timberline. Personally I use fat skis since they carve better in soft snow and hold more speed, being able to smear is something that nice to be able to do but a not my most fun turn.

skintrack to powder

Me jumping something in the woods

Dowork in one of the wonderful glades at Timberline

I honestly do not how soon Ill be able to ski woods with that much coverage at stowe. These are not by earliest Turn, or earliest EC coast turn but these for sure my earliest turn anywhere with out hitting anything. The snowpack at timberline is so deep and its staying cold. I am currently at home visiting my parents and its looking like next thursday could be a refresher for Canaan Valley.


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