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Re: New wheels for the Paragon?
« Reply #15 on: October 25, 2012, 05:19:42 pm »
The thing I found interesting about that Mavic article is that the spoke tension can actually be quite low on those wheels, and according to Mavic being able to have lower tension can increase stiffness. Very strange, but the Mavic R-sysy wheels use what they call Tracomp which is some of the wheels are actually in compression while other s are in tension and it makes for a very stiff wheel. You can't do that with most spokes, but on the R-sys with carbon spokes, you can. It's just neat how the whole system works together and not always in the way you might expect.

The question about spoke gauge - 14/15 is kind of a standard double-butted spoke. 14g is 2.0mm, 15g is 1.8mm in another counterintuitive turn, DB spokes are actually stronger than straight-gauge spokes wheel being lighter at the same time. I use 2.0/1.5mm spokes on all of the wheels I build. Lacing - 3-cross is pretty much standard, and it means that on a 32 hole wheel, the spokes are pulling on the most metal at the hub, so **** hub flanges are least likely, most manufacturers won't warranty hubs that have been radial laced. On system wheels, uneven lacing patterns can be used to even out tension. For example, on some of those Crossmax wheels, you will see radial on the driveside and 2x on non-drive (as spoke count drops, 3x lacing can become counterproductive).

Conti tires - I just took mine off of my bike. Bought them last fall the German made Mountain King TLRs, and they did not live up to my expectations. I gave 'em an honest go for a full year, but they weren't very good at holding air, needed tons of sealant, plus the casing was too flexy and most importantly, the Black Chili compound did not live up to my expectations.