Author Topic: New wheels for the Paragon?  (Read 1115 times)


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Re: New wheels for the Paragon?
« Reply #15 on: October 25, 2012, 12:41:56 pm »
I think we are 2 mph faster than we were, and I know that Midwif has several times said "Damn, Bushwacka was right about tubeless" rolling easier. But not all of our feeling of easier rolling can be attributed to just one change.
Not part of your thread, but the Continental X-Kings are a really easy rolling tire for as versatile as they seem to be.  I'm really sold on them.

Please, I beg you, no more talk about tubeless!!! I will not tolerate such thread drift (at least in this direction)....   ;D ;D

Just kidding....thanks for the tip on the Conti's.  I think their 29er versions are made in China, or such like, while their 26 inch tires are all made in Germany.  Kind of a turn-off, but maybe moot.  For the moment, I am still liking the Slant Six, even in the damp fall conditions.  They bite surprisingly well on all the damp leaf litter and wet clay, and shed the clay like teflon coated.  I may need a new rear tire next season, as the Slant Six on the back end is wearing fast.