Author Topic: Where to Learn to Ski Deep Powder?  (Read 2931 times)


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Re: Where to Learn to Ski Deep Powder?
« Reply #30 on: April 15, 2013, 04:19:08 pm »
SB -- good on ya for jumping into the deep end of the pool.  Well done.

Too bad about the Pineapple Express.  That stuff happens.  We skied just a bit east of where you were (Banff) about a week later, and missed the Express by just a day or two.  The tail end of that left some very nice powder for us to play in, though.

If you ever go back there to do it again, just a quick word on timing.  March in the Bugaboos, Purcell Range, Kootenays, etc., can bring some warm weather.  Elevations are a bit lower than, say, Banff, so it can be hit or miss with the weather in those parts.  Next time, try going in mid- to late-February.  Not as bitter cold as January, more reliable snow, and temperatures should never get above freezing.

Hope you've got the bug and get to do that again.

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