Author Topic: Where to Learn to Ski Deep Powder?  (Read 2931 times)


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Re: Where to Learn to Ski Deep Powder?
« on: October 23, 2012, 01:18:13 pm »
so what skier would have more fun Max? Which one would learn to ski powder quicker....

skier a and B are physical the same and have same skiing skills call them clones

skier A. could not ski powder with out fat skis ends up at resort with 24 inches of new snow, rents skis and is falling very rarely

Skier B.  again could not ski powder out fat skis, but DOESNT rent fatter skis. Falls constantly every run, ends up going back to the most packed snow so they can actually ski something.

remember PMTS is the authoritarian dictatorship of ski instruction.... its clear that when someone post technique first over equipment in a situation that equipment makes a huge different even to an expert skier that their instructional system maybe misguided.
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