Author Topic: Where to Learn to Ski Deep Powder?  (Read 2931 times)


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Re: Where to Learn to Ski Deep Powder?
« on: October 23, 2012, 06:27:40 am »
the thing is learning to ski deep powder is a catch 22 in so many ways.

I have never met anyone who has ever been taught how to ski deep powder, not that I do not think it can be done its just the people that learn to ski deep powder are generally doers and have done everything in their power to ski deep powder, whether or not is was skipping,working school, hiking/skinning for it, getting the right ski, waking up early to get first chair they have done everything in their power to ski deep powder and over the years have learned to ski it.

First thing what ever is stopping you from skiing powder is actually a flaw in your everyday skiing! "its not that you can not ski the powder, its that you cant ski and the powder proves it". If powder gives you problems your trying to twist a ski to much, or are just entirely off balance some way. If you have an video of you skiing I can tell you exactly why its happening.

now on to where. It really doesnt matter where it does matter when.  big storm cycle about to hit SLC? drop everything and get out there and ski brighton/solitude? wyoming about to get hit? get to Grand Targhee as fast as possible. North Easter coming up the cost? Pick a small mountain in its path and get there. Lake Effect coming of lake champlain? get your ass to stowe and enjoy snow while no one in the north east even knows its snowing...

HighAngles last year was a bad year but if you drove to stowe every weekend and skied saturday/sunday you would have powder many days including one day that was absurdly deep.

these pictures were taken at 3pm on saturday at stowe mountain resort. Inbounds lighter snow that could ever been found in utah....

this was taken the next day just out of bounds at about noon

everywhere in the northeast got this storm. There was really no valid excuse IMO to miss it. I talk to several western who were at stowe that day just to ski powder.

Stowe on average has more powder days than snowbird they just generally are not as deep and more of the public misses it since the lifts open at 7:30.... and they open at 7:30 so the locals can ski its out before the tourist can wake up;)