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Re: Bike Headlight recommendations
« on: September 12, 2012, 04:08:40 pm »
NiteRider is the brand that I was looking at, I had arrived at 300 as the minimum.
Questions were rechargeable battery versus replaceable batteries.
I am considering two lights with a mount on each bike and then just a helmet mount. That would give me the flexibility to run two on the mountain bike or share one with Lynn if we decide to go night riding with Glen's ride.
However, I definitely don't need as much power as you have.  People will think I'm an airplane coming in for a landing.
Budget is the $100-$150 range.

MiniNewt 350 is a single LED. Do multiple LED's give wider field of vision?
MiniNewt 600 has built in battery and is only $10 more. Probably worth the $10 even if I run it at half power?
CygoLite 650 - dual LED's.
Can't figure out the difference between the MiniNewt cordless and the Lumina line, but what do you think of the NiteRider Lumina 650 (650, 400, 250).

CatEye EL-320 provides 6000 candlepower for 60 hours with 2 AA batteries for  What's the comparison between candlepower and lumens. This has to be less bright than the others?

Thanks for any insight on any of the above. Knowing that you recommend NiteRider is good info just by itself.
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