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Re: Bike Headlight recommendations
« on: September 12, 2012, 03:29:34 pm »
first not an opinion but a fact.

A light on your head will be shining exactly where you are looking, a light on you handlebars will be shining exactly where your bike is pointing.

think about that

all right so with Helmet mounted head lights which is IMO the only sane choice for MTBing at night if your going to run one light I think 300 lumen -500 lumens is what you should be aiming for a the very least. I person run 1000 on my head and 600 on my bars and could use more for MTBing with that said I am generally running some of the brightest lights on any ride I do at night.

I have HID, all the newer stuff is LED which is much cheaper to replace the diodes if they go bad VS a 100 dollar HID bulb. the LED also run cooler, last longer for the same amount of battery power, and for a couple hour ride can run a much smaller battery  than the older HIDS.

I have been running Niteriders for years with out issue. If aint broke do not fix it right? When I update my lights I am for sure going to go with Niteriders.

For something cheap(90 bucks) but still very useable check out the Minewt 350 USB. the system is compact enough that you could easily mount it on your helmet including the battery. at that price 2 of them one for your head and one for your bars could be the way to go.

the next step up are cordless and they have 500 and 600 watt cordless lights that a self contained unit.

The next step after that is the 750 watt Minewt pro. 230 grams with that much wattage is pretty much unheard of. It cost 200 bucks.

after that they have the 1500 and 3000 standing for the output.

If you tell me your budget I would tell you what I would personly buy at that budget and do not forget the rear red blinky for riding on roads at night.