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Re: A puzzling choice...
« on: September 21, 2012, 05:27:19 pm »
This article was posted on the PMTS forum. It has 11 pictures of Mike skiing on Rockered skis and the article says that Rocker is a cure for most skiing aliments. If so, this is a very poor advertisement for it (as none of the pictures show appealing form even for non PMTSers). He is in some really bad positions and quite aft in almost every shot.

It is another reminder that for most the marketing pitch that with Rockered skis you can and will ski more forward in powder isn't reality. Most on rockered skis actually ski more aft. The difference is that with tail rocker you can get away with it as you can pivot your skis when the tails are weighted.

 I am also confindent that  a clone of me skiing  cambered mid fats would get crushed by my skiing rockered skis in the powdery woods. Id be able to out turn, out g force, out last, go faster with else effort than my poor clone buddy. Still waiting for one of the PMTS expert skiers to come to to stowe and show me other wise.  Untill then I be critical of not only of PMTS but the PSIA as I try to change one from the inside.

BTW I not the hugest rogan fan either, its one of the things that got me kicked off epic ski. I am certain that I could outski him at stowe.