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Re: Carbon bars, seatpost
« Reply #15 on: September 07, 2012, 07:15:44 am »
Yeah, it's definitely worth checking out. I would guess that it takes about half the thumb pressure to upshift the front derailleur on the other two bikes than it does on mine....same equipment, just better cables.  Do you have the opportunity to try another bike with lighter shifters, to see if the pain is still there? Might be worth a short ride. Otherwise, swapping cables is cheap and easy to do, and should be done anyway on older bikes as routine maintenance, as it can fix a number of shifting problems -- missed shifts, sluggish shifts, skipped shifts....that sort of thing. It's only $30 for a full cable kit; $20 for a cable cutter tool; and a half hour under a shade tree with a frosty beverage :-)

Let me know if you need advice on kit and method - glad to help. 

I sure hope this does the trick for you.  It would be an easy solution and save you some hassle.  Even if you do decide to revert back to flat bars and older shifters, new cables may help significantly.  Good luck with it. 

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