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Re: Carbon bars, seatpost
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For over a year, I've been fighting a very sore left hand at the base of the thumb joint. Research, via the net, indicated arthritis as the most probable cause, and, I just had that confirmed via x-ray. Damn the aging process. >:(  It's surprising how much a small jolt can inflict a fair amount of pain. My thumb can also become very weak, no problem on a road bike, but, this fall I will need to change the thumb shifter on my cross bike to permit shifting with my hand grip.
Living Proof: I hear you. I had a blast injury to my left hand back in 1972 that almost severed my left thumb. I still have very limited range of motion, little strength, and only about an inch of web space between the thumb and first finger (but I can hold a ski pole). The damage was my biggest reason for the K-Wing bar, longer rides with round bar became quite uncomfortable in the web space. The flatter top section allows me to get more of my palm on the top of the bar with fingers wrapped around and under. Much more comfortable for me now that I've gotten the pressure off of the area between the thumb and finger.

For my mountain bike thumb shifter, I reach across and shift the left thumb trigger with my right hand, and that works just fine for me. In fact, I'll bet I'm smooth enough at it that Lynn has never even noticed.

My son had grip shifts on an old, upper end Cannondale bike, and I really didn't like the feel. I would certainly test ride grip shifters before making that transition.

The FSA K-Wing Aero bar is a wing shaped bar (as opposed to round), not aero bars like tri-athletes ride. They are also a more compact drop, so riding in the drops is more comfortable than the drops on standard road bars.
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