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Re: Carbon bars, seatpost
« Reply #15 on: September 06, 2012, 07:32:27 am »
Carbon Bars:  I have used the Race Face Next Carbon low rise bar for four years on three different bikes...still going strong, no complaints. 

Carbon Seat Post:  That is one product I have seen (and been part of) multiple failures of...I had an older Easton EC 90 the frayed and split on a ride, and I've seen them sheared clean on friend's bikes as well. 

I'm a Thompson seatpost and stem man for life.  It's the gold standard no matter what the criteria is-there are some products that are just the best-THompson Seatpost and Stems are one of them.

I own (and I am looking to sell) a USE Alien Suspension Seatpost-27.5.   You can check the mtbr reviews on this product, it is very highly regarded.  It does add a ton of 'comfort' and seated control with little fuss to a hard tail....if that's what you're looking for.

Bigger tires run tubeless are one of the keys to comfortable all mountain bliss.  Josh is right about that 100%.

I also use Ergon grips (small)---Some folks love 'em, some hate them, they're not for everyone, but for me, they added a ton of comfort, reduction in arm, wrist, and neck pain.  I won't ride anything else for grips.