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Re: Disk brake squeal
« Reply #15 on: September 05, 2012, 12:20:31 am »
Epic's description of this procedure is far better than mine.  Do what he says and you'll be fine.   8)  And let us know if you've cured the offending noise.

BTW, another little tip that may come in handy:  if the pistons are sticking, you can often free them up by removing the pads and cleaning around the piston body (sliding part) with a Q-tip soaked in brake fluid.  Make sure you use the same fluid as in the brakes themselves to ensure that the rubber seals won't be damaged.  The fluid not only cleans, but also lubricates the piston and cylinder.  Carefully press the piston back into the cylinder with an appropriate tool that won't damage the piston face.  Finish with a dry Q-tip to get rid of the excess fluid so it won't attract more dirt and contaminate the pads and rotor.