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Re: Talking about road tubeless
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Pressurized Sealants (just sharin' the results of my playin')
BTW, both say they are good in tubes or tubeless.

Geax/Vittoria PitStop. The inflator cannister has a plastic cap that you press against the presta valve. It worked fine on the first tire it tried it with, and didn't work well at all on another. After examination, the difference was in the valve length. On the second tire, it went so far into the plastic cap that it pushed the Presta valve closed, which made it very hard to for anything to get in the tire (and the pressure has to go somewhere).  I read reviews of people saying they were useless and just spray all over the place -- it appears to me they are only a challenge for longer valves. Worked just fine on the first shorter valve, and maybe can still be made to work with longer valves, but not by me in a brief test.

Hutchinson Protect'Air. (the one with the inflator tube). Some early pictures of Protect'Air have a similar layout to the PitStop. I'm not sure if they had the same problem or not, but the current iteration solves that problem. The current version has a plastic tube that actually screws onto the valve stem (Presta or Schraeder) (tubeless or tube) and then you just shake it up and press down on the top of the inflator to turn on the foam. I like Epic's approach of putting in 1/3 of a can to address the puncture and then inflate the tire the rest of the way with CO2 (or a pump if you still carry one).

For her birthday this year (July 28th, by the way) I'm giving Lynn a can of Protect'Air so she can quickly handle any flats while riding through the Bronx or Harlem.  I'm sure she could get any flats in Central Park fixed with just a smile and a wink (like Samantha on Bewitched?).
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